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Echo Pool Carp Fishing France

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The Big Carp in Echo pool France

We have a lot of big French carp in our lake but some of them seem to have become completely uncatchable. So rather than showing all our big carp using pictures from the past we are just going to show details of 50lb+ carp as they get caught from 2013 onwards.

As you'll see I've added older pictures of some fish so you can see just how well there growing in our lake in France and to back up the fact that we didn't stock big carp we grew them.

It’s no coincidence that our fish have grown to the sizes they have in a fairly short time. This is due to several different factors one of which is bait, it’s for this reason that we strictly monitor what bait is being used. We don’t allow anglers to use what we consider to be inferior products which may cause problems for our fish and water. 

In 2016 we associated ourselves with Pallatrax and this is now the only bait we allow

“Colin the common” 87lb 8oz


This carp is our pride and joy and was stocked along with 22 others all around the 20lb mark 

It has shown an average weight gain of 13lbs a year 

Tash named it "Colin the common" when it was first caught, at the same time we had a duck called "Dave the duck", you can probably see a pattern


“Barrel” 75lb 8oz


My favourite carp, I named it “Barrel” because of its shape, I believe it will become the biggest carp in the lake 

This is one of the original fish from the lake and was just a baby when we bought the property. It first came to my attention as a low 20 purely because of its shape because it reminded me of some of the fish caught from Rainbow

“Dougie” The beast 75lb


Probably from the same stocking as Colin, named after the angler who caught it at 50lb 

This fish seemed to come from nowhere when it was first banked at 45lb a couple of years ago

But as you can see I found a picture at only 26lb 

“Gordon” aka "Flash" 72lb


We named him after “Flash Gordon” because of the orange stripe in the top part of his tail

This carp was stocked along with 24 others ranging from low doubles to 33lb 

Because of the flash in his tail he was easy to trace back to when he was stocked at 26lb

“Tasha’s fish” 71lb


This carp got its name when Tasha caught it as her PB at 38lb 

We believe this fish was one of only a few mirrors stocked along with Colin

"The twin" at 68lb


Named "The twin" because of how similar it is to "Doris"

"Bumpy" 64lb


We named this fish “Bumpy” years ago because of its shape

This fish was shocked along with 30 others most of which were the same sort of shape and all around 10lb 

We believe they are a Italian or Hungarian strain of carp

“G-spot” 61lb


We let any angler who catches a new 50 name it, It got the name G-spot because the angler who caught it is called Grant and the fish only had one hook mark in its mouth so it’s obviously hard to find

“Wendy” 60lb


This carp has been named after Tasha’s mum

“Janet” 59lb 8oz 


This carp has been named after my Mum who also lives out here with my Dad. They have both been a massive help to us especially when times were really hard in the early years

I believe this to be one of the original carp from the lake, I certainly can’t remember stocking anything as small as this It just goes to show what Royals can do in the right environment with good fishery management

“Doris” 58lb


We have named this fish after my Grandma who is sadly on longer with us

This fish was from the stocking that contained fish from early doubles to 33lb 

From the picture I’d guess this to be double, It soon got up to 30lb but then seemed to stand still for a couple of years even though it was getting caught regularly, so obviously feeding hard

Then we saw it come out as a low 40 and now its smashed the 50lb barrier

"Droopy" 58lb 


I named this fish way back when it was just 28lb because of the way it's back and tail slope downwards, as does it's head and mouth

"Single scale" aka "Bambi" at 58lb 


Named "Single scale" because of the small scale along the lateral line on each side of this carp. 

Also known as "Bambi" in memory of the Uncle of the angler pictured below, he taught him and the rest of his group everything they know about carp fishing

“Oliver” 58lb


Named after Grandson of the first angler to catch it over 50lb 

"Angry sausage" 57lb


This is the biggest fish we stocked at 33lb 

During the drain down his tail was very badly broken and we thought we’d lose him, the following year he was caught at 26lb with his tail almost completely repaired

He got the name “Angry sausage” after swimming straight into the front of the swim once hooked, swimming straight into the end of the jetty after being released and on one occasion towing me around the lake in the boat like I was being pulled by a jet ski 

"The Silver common" 55lb


Named for obvious reasons

"Butter bean" aka "Nipple" 52lb 8oz


Named because of the of the flap of skin near the anal fin

"Katie" 52lb

Named after Katie after she caught it 3 times in 1 week when the fish was only 20lb+