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Echo Pool Carp Fishing France

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Carp fishing lake and onsite facilities


There is a small cabin situated at the corner of the dam wall and the far bank, it contains a spring/well fed, heated shower and top of the range camping toilet if there is such a thing.
Because of its location you will be required to wind in when using the shower. It’s a fairly high powered shower so does use 
a fair bit of water, because its running off our well we need you to be economical with its use.

There is also a small shelter on the swim with table and chairs, somewhere to get away from the sun or rain.

The Carp Lake

The carp lake has a surface area of about 10,000sqm or 2.4 acres with depth ranging from 3 to 12 feet. It is stream and spring fed with a good turnover of water. 

We have piped the incoming stream water creating a waterfall. This creates its own oxygen but also keeps a ripple on the water so oxygen can also be dissolved directly from the atmosphere.

The waterfall is at the shallow end of the lake and excess water drains at the corner of the dam.

About 2/3 of the lake is surrounded by trees, many of which over hang the water, the margin along the far bank ranges from 3 to 7 feet right under the trees.

There are numerous underwater features for you to find and fish to, there is no point in me describing them because they are constantly changing as and when the carp decide to exploit a natural food larder.

Below is a rough plan of the lake

Fishing is strictly limited to the swim area only (marked in orange)

The only access around the lake is between the parking area/swim and the shower cabin (marked in yellow)

We’ve had to stop anglers walking around the lake to bait up or watch fish because of damage being caused to the margins. 

We lose around 10 trees every year due to the carp undermining their roots, probably searching out crayfish. We are trying to grow thicker margins so that when we do lose trees there is something behind to take its place, if we didn’t do this the lake would soon lose its attractive appearance. 

Also keeping anglers to one side of the lake gives us a bit of privacy and stops the dogs going mad every 10 minutes.

The area marked in grey is our private access around the lake.

 Lovely secluded location

                                Plenty of underwater features                                                              Tree lined margins





We decided to get rid of our 4 swims and build one massive swim capable of accommodating at least 6 anglers with all their gear. It should be noted that we only allow a maximum of 3 anglers at our venue though. The idea behind this was to make your carp fishing holiday a much more social break as you can all bivvy up together but still have plenty of room, all areas of our lake can easily be fished from the swim.

The swim is completely surrounded by logs and covered in granite chip making it much cleaner than bark.

We feel this is a big improvement to our carp fishing venue and are sure it will improve your fishing holiday in France. 

We strongly suggest that you use a rod pod rather than bank sticks because the swim is very hard.

The swim also has a shelter with table and chairs and a double 240 volt English socket, it should however be noted that the power to this socket comes from our generator so is only on for a few hours in the morning and evening. It’s ideal for charging bait boats, lap tops and phones but is not capable of running anything of a higher wattage. 

Exclusive carp fishing lake in France with facilities