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Echo Pool Carp Fishing France

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News at Echo pool 

Carp lakes in France

Please visit (Rules page) as we often up-date it.

May 2014

I'm afraid I haven't had time to up-date this page for ages, hopefully now the season is underway I'll find time. It's not easy running a carp lake in France, as soon as I've finished one job there always seems to be another waiting.

If you haven't already looked at this page you'll still find it interesting even though it's out of date.

1st June 2013

Thought I’d use part of this week’s customer comment to start this up-date…

This has got to be one of the best places I’ve ever fished and I’ve been coming to France for 12 years, the fish are in mint condition and 90% of what I caught where 40lb+

Many, many thanks,


John and Alan did have a fairly good weeks fishing, but a terrible week when it came to the weather, it rained all week with only the occasional break.

Their catch was as follows

64lb and a 63lb (Gordon and Dougie)

5x 50’s to 55lb

6x 40’s to 49lb

Several other smaller carp.

Both anglers broke their PB’s. Well done guys.

Up-date 28th May 2013

Sorry for lack of recent up-dates to this page. I’ve been in a bit of a dark place with a broken rib again!!! But this time I’ve done my sternum as well so have pretty much been stuck in bed for weeks.

Satan would have made a better nurse maid than Tasha…

I’ve built a new page (Big fish 2013) which is photos of 50lb+carp  caught this season, rather than pictures of all our big fish some of which seem to be able to evade capture. I believe this gives a better idea of what you’re likely to catch during 2013 instead of giving anglers false hope that they might be in with a chance of landing one of the “untouchables” as we like to call them.

Surely at some point though one is going to get tripped up!!!

Nothing new to report since last catch report really, all customers have been more than happy with their weeks fishing with 50’s and 60’s being landed most weeks and PB's being smashed all over the place.

Week 5 2013

Lots of news this week, everything from Tasha taking control of the fishery to a new lake record at 73lb 14oz.

Firstly, Tasha has officially taken full control of the day to day running of the fishery, this will leave me free to build our new home, look for another property and concentrate on a new business venture.

I will be on hand if she has any issues though!!!!

I guess you could say we had a good weeks fishing with a new lake record common at 73lb 14oz, new lake record mirror at 64lb and another new 60 mirror at 63lb. Other fish included 49, 47, 41, and a 33. The 41 was my little silver common which has never been more than a mid 30. 

We are 99% sure that the big common was “Colin” but do need to do some digging around in older photo’s to be 100% sure. For me this fish looked a different shape, it's mouth seemed to be in better condition than Colin's and from the photo's I've already looked at seems to have a slightly different scale pattern at the base of its tail. In 2010 we had 3 different common's come out in 1 week all of which were over 50lb, they where all from the same stocking (18-22lb) and almost impossible to tell apart, in the end we where able to confirm that they where all different fish and named them Colin, Double dorsal and Split fin. Since then the only one to be caught has been Colin!

One of the ways we identify Colin is a red spot on his tail which this fish does have but on the other hand all 3 fish in 2010 had exactly the same silver scale on their right shoulder and so do the young commons in the lake.

I'm sure this fish will turn out to be Colin but I'd love to be proved wrong, either way its one impressive fish.

Oh!!!  the lake record mirror was caught 4 rod lengths off the front of the swim... Just goes to show it's not all about getting as close to the margins as possible...

           Is this Colin? look at the mouth, near perfect!                              Either way this common is now 73lb 14oz

   Dougie lake record mirror at 64lb caught from front of swim                       Gordon 5lb up on last year at 63lb

Week 4 2013

No customers this week which has given us a chance to have a proper clear up and sew a ton of grass seed.

I did find time to get my rods out on a couple of occasions for no more than a couple of hours.

I had 2x 45's and 2x 20's one of which was a real stunner.

                       Linear at 22lb                                               45lb                                                    45lb

Weeks 2/3 2013

Keith, Jamie and Will

The 2 week session for these boys wasn’t as productive as we might have hoped…

Best fish of the session was “Tasha’s fish” at 59lb 4oz, they also had 6x 40’s to 49, 3x 30’s and a few babies which now all seem to be mid doubles.

One thing that did stand out was the different shapes and sizes of fish, see pictures below. 

                      Upper 40 with very big shoulders                                Apple scales, never though it would make 30... it's now 33lbs

              "Tasha fish" at it's best weight ever 59lb 8oz                                                   Another upper 40

These two could be twins, both mid 40's

April 2013.

First week of the season see’s 2 NEW 50’s

Fishing got off to a flying start with 5 big fish in the first 24 hrs. Thinking we were going to be in for a big hit we decided to bait heavily and sit back and wait for the run’s to start… That night saw a heavy frost and it became very apparent that the carp had switched off. We did manage a couple more 40’s during the week but that was it.

Total catch for the week was as follows.








Amongst these fish we also caught a few babies which we have purposely left in the lake for our future. These are fish which are either too big or too nice to leave in our stock ponds, although! 2 were moved to the stalking pool and 1 to the new specimen pond.

For me the best fish of the week was a common at 48.8lbs, when this fish was caught I knew that I recognised it and after digging around in records and photo’s I found it… This fish was 37lbs this time last year.

The biggest fish of the week was Barrel at 57.8lb, last year he came out in April at 52lb.

The 2 new 50’s weren’t fish that I recognised, infact after very close inspection in the mouth of the 51.8lb I believe it has only ever been hooked once before.

The angler who caught the fish has named it “G-spot” mainly because it’s the first letter of his name but also because it’s hard to find… only being hooked once before.

We’ve named the other new 50 “Wendy” after Tasha’s mum.

          The 48lb 8oz common that's put on 11lb in a year                   "G-spot" another new 50 for Echo pool at 51lb 8oz

                          Pretty 48lb with a great future                                      "Wendy" another new 50lb to add to our collection

25th Feb

Finally had a few days of dry weather, it's amazing how quickly things are coming together, the swim is finished except for bark which will be one of the last things we do. I've managed to get a lot of the mud tracked down but this is a big job and will take quite a while.

All trees and bushes have been trimmed back and as soon as the weather gets better we'll lay down grass seed. We've had to do some pretty major work this winter which has caused quite a lot of damage to the grass areas, I'm expecting it to look a bit sparse for the first few months of the season but then again the carp aren't the only things that grow well here.

Really looking forward to landing a couple of big carp before we open, one of the benefits of owning a carp fishing venue in France. 

19th Feb

Just checked the weather and it finally looks like we’ve got a dry spell… no rain for a week touch wood.

This will mean we’ll be able to start our rather large clean up job around the lakes ready for the first weeks fishing starting 30th March.

Tasha’s been feeding the carp regularly, we can’t wait to see how the carp have done over the winter, and hopefully there will be a surprise or two with the younger carp. 

As promised a brief description of the fishing during the 2012 season.

I’m writing this from memory as I’m hopeless at keeping records. For the 2013 season I plan to keep a comprehensive record of captures including where the fish was caught from, week, day and time, weather conditions and moon phase, well that’s my plan anyway whether I’ll actually do it is another matter… Might give the job to Tasha…

Anyway back to 2012.

We had a great start to the season with a new lake record of 69lb 8oz (Colin) and a true average weight of 44lbs. We saw our first 60lb mirror at 63lbs which was part of a brace of 60’s including 1 of the big commons. Scabby tail (common) broke the 50lb barrier along with the twins, 2 almost identical mirrors which floated around 48-49lbs for most of 2011.

We had terrible rain for the best part of 6 weeks from May onwards which had a negative effect on the fishing. During this time the fish managed to spawn so once the fishing picked up again the weights were down, average was probably around 38-40lbs.

We had good and bad weeks throughout the hottest part of the season, we had our worst week ever with only 2x 30’s banked by one angler and the other blanked. They chose to use their own bait !!!!

As the season came to an end the average weight was back up to 44lbs and Colin the big common made 70lbs. He came out well before we closed, so we did hope to see him again but sadly didn’t, guess I’ll have to catch him in the spring, ;-)

I believe the average per week was 11 fish, most weeks every other carp caught was in excess of 40lbs and most weeks saw at least one carp over 50lbs.

The fishing here isn’t easy infact I would suggest it’s moderate to hard, a small lake with big fish probably does give the carp an advantage and truly offers anglers a challenge with big rewards. Our carp haven’t grown to the sizes they have by being stupid or eating inferior bait products!

If your fishing here in 2013 or considering booking a week think very carefully about your bait choice, the fish are feed on our bait throughout the closed season and 99% of returning customers choose to use our bait and only our bait… I think that says it all.


You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg!

Thought I’d post these photo’s which I took yesterday (11th Jan) just to show how hard we’ve been working and how “living the dream” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

We’ve pretty much completed everything we wanted and needed to do, just need some dry weather to start the MASSIVE clean-up job. There’s nothing we can do about the mud at the moment, it’s just too wet, it’s has the consistency of a very sloppy concrete mix. Once dried though it will just be a matter of grading it, spreading some grass seed then tracking it in.

We have the first load of probably over 100 tons of granite coming Monday so we can build some proper roads around parts of the property.

Don't worry if your booked or thinking of booking we get like this every winter... It's the main reason we don't open till April.

On a positive note we're very confident that all the work in the lakes is going to improve the fishing and make for an even better fishing experience here at Echo pool. 

                       Features built in stalking pool                                             The new swim, can't even walk on it yet

                                    Stock pond track                                                                  Road along main lake dam

                                     Dam wall again                                                                    Track leading to swims

                     Dam wall road along stalking pool                              The new spit leading to moine waiting to be decked 

             Specimen pond still needing plenty of work                                         Water leaving our property

We get very depressed this time of year because of all the mud especially as it's the only time we have to do work around the lakes, it would be lovely to do this type of work during the summer but obviously we can't because of our anglers.

January 2013

The main lake is now back up in level and we’re feeding the carp in the new features, all that’s left to do is tidy up around the lake which is no small job… it pretty much rained the entire time I was working in and around the lake, to say it’s muddy is an understatement. 

We’re going to need a good couple of weeks of dry weather to sort everything out, throw down some grass seed and pray that all comes good for April. 

The new huge swim is just a big soggy mess, again needing a couple of weeks of dry weather so we can throw down a few tons of bark to finish it off.

For the last week or so I’ve been working on the stalking pool which we’ve now named “Pasty pool”. This is going to be a completely different carp water for the 2013 season. I’ve dug out the shallows creating several new features, trimmed back some of the trees and most importantly built a spit out to the moine/monk creating two bays at the dam end of the lake, this will make a lovely fishing spot which will have a decked area at the end of the spit over the moine.

We drained Pasty pool to have a look at the stock and found around 100 carp ranging from 5lb to 20lb+ the biggest probably pushing 30lbs. We will remove some of the smaller carp and add several fish between 30 and 40lbs making this lake well worth fishing.

Along with all the other work I’ve also worked on the stock pond on the corner of the dam wall of the main lake. It now has a proper drainage system and has been made a little bigger. We are going to stock this with some of our specimen size roach, perch and a couple of tench. This will give anglers a third option should they wish to rest their swim on the main lake.

Fingers crossed for some dry weather to finish everything off and make Echo pool carp fishing in france the stunning location it has always been.

I’ll put up some photos as soon as everywhere has dried out a bit.

December 2012


Haven't had the time to up-date the site because we have decided to make a few!!! improvements to the fishery while the level is down for repair and maintenance work.

We’re well into the second month of a massive winter project to make our fishery even better and more fishermen friendly, especially for those anglers looking for a proper social week. Along with repair work we have plans to create more underwater features for the fish to explore, become natural larders and you to fish to. We have completed the structural work to a new super swim in place of the double which will easily accommodate 3 anglers, it’s at least twice its original size and all areas of the lake are easily fishable.

“No carp corner” is now completely different, I went in there with the machine and basically found it to be full of lifeless putrid muck, it’s no wonder the carp couldn’t be caught from there… I’ve completely dug out the area, limed it and created a spit with the dirt. This has created 3 new features in an area which didn’t fish. I’m sure with the work I’ve done it will now become productive.

Once the lake level is back up we will feed all the new areas constantly until we open in April.

I’ll keep you updated as the individual projects are finished. The level is down by about 2 meters, so still plenty of water to keep the carp happy and we’re still feeding them regularly. 


                                                Repaired dam wall                                                                                      Might not look much bigger... IT IS !!!

              Love this pic, the rock is about the size of a small beach ball.                                             The plateau where the island used to be.

                                                                                     More new features

This might not look like much but this is a new 8 foot deep margin hole

I'm really sorry that I didn't post any progress during the season, now winter is fast approaching I'll be able to find time to put together a full description of the 2012 season including details of breaking the 70lb barrier! Depending on weather this should be completed by mid December along with other updates throughout the site.

Sadly while up-grading this site I managed to lose our entire news page going back to 2009. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some of it, but I’m not the best at keeping records.

In the meantime here’s a brief description of what’s happened so far in 2012


It’s been a very up and down start to the season.

The opening week saw a new lake record of 69lb 8oz backed up by 3x 50’s and several 40’s, the second week saw a brace of 60’s at 63lb and 69lb again backed up by 50’s and 40’s. At this point our average weight was over 44lbs (20kg)

Then the weather turned…

Rain is an understatement, basically it poured down for the best part of 4 weeks and then as soon as the sun came out the carp decided to have a go at spawning. All this had a fairly negative effect on the fishing. But we still saw 9x 40’s and 3x 50’s amongst other smaller fish.

I’ll get more photos and info up shortly…

                                                 "Dougie" at 63lbs                                                                                                      "Colin" at 69lbs