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Echo Pool Carp Fishing France

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Rules at our French carp Fishery

Echo pool contains some of the most pristine large carp in France. We have always been strict on our rules and have no doubt this is the reason we own some of the best carp in France.

Please note. Rules may change at any time without prior notice and are quite likely to as the season progresses.

Let me be very clear. Anyone one found breaking rules will be leaving without refund.

Anyone who knows me understands that I have no problem speaking my mind and won't hesitate to throw anyone off who breaks one of our rules no matter how minor.

Please make sure you know and understand all rules so this doesn’t happen.

I am now listing some specific brands and items to reduce confusion for anglers, myself and Tasha. Items which I believe are more fish friendly and do the job there designed for rather than just a marketing ploy to sell more tackle.

There are a lot of good items on the market but it’s impossible for me to know them all, I have to go by what I’ve seen and used myself.

Strictly no admittance before 13:00hrs. Swim must be vacated by 10:00hrs

New customer must arrive before 15:00hrs if they wish to fish Saturday night. This allows you time to set up but more importantly gives us time to go over what we expect with your full concentration.

Fishery and tackle rules

Any and I stress ANY violation of these rules will result in you leaving immediately. 


Fishing and baiting is restricted to swim area only. Please use bait boat.   

Maximum of 3 anglers

No more than 3 rods per angler

Anglers fishing on their own are not permitted to fish during the night.


We supply all equipment for landing fish and dealing with them in the water.

No nets, slings or mats to be brought on-site.

In cooler months you may want to bring waders.

All mouth and body wounds must be treated.


Tasha is to be called round for your first fish and any big fish thereafter.


Absolutely no other bait to be brought on site, this includes artificial bait, any type of particle and pop-ups.  

We sell the highest quality pellet and high quality particle mix.

No lead weights of any description to be used.      (Non-toxic fishing weights)

Main line must be 12lb monofilament with a sensible amount of stretch. No fluorocarbon or braid.

If unsure bring Diawa Sensor Brown. Your line will be checked along with your setup before you fish.

Main line must be covered with 1 meter of rig tubing. NO LEADERS.

Weights must release with ease if snagged. You no longer need to drop the weight on the take or while playing the fish.

Hooks must be Pallatrax The Hook BARBLESS. NO other hook to be used.      (Carp fishing hooks)

Hook link material.

Un-coated braid. Pallatrax only.

Fluorocarbon. Kryston incognito 13lb or Gamma Edge 14lb. Maximum length of 6 inch’s.

Coated braid. Angler’s choice (Only 5mm of coating to be stripped)

Hook link must be tied with ONE material only. In other words, NO combi-links. If you wish to fish a hinged stiff rig etc, use Pallatrax steam-link.

Weight clips (Lead clips) must be the type that secure the swivel. Rubber must be set so if snagged weight can release with ease. No MCF dumpers.

In-line drop off must be set to release with ease if snagged.

Only my safety running rig system may be used.

If using quick clips they MUST be covered with silicon tube.

You may use hook link sinkers, tungsten putty and heat shrink.

No captive back leads or flying back leads, clip on back weights (back leads) can be used but must be non-toxic.

We sell these on-site.

Report all tackle losses without fail

Every angler losses tackle at some point, if we are told about it we stand a chance of retrieving it straight away or during change over. Unreported tackle losses nearly always turn up the following week. If we find un-reported tackle and can identify it, we normally can, you will be banned.

Please use a sensible amount of bait

The lake requires an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 10kg per 24hrs. If you break this down over 6 rods being redone every 12 hours that’s less than 1 kg per rod.

In previous years if we’ve felt not enough bait has been put out we’ve fed the lake on change over. This can affect the next group arriving positively or more often than not negatively.

This season if we feel anglers aren’t using enough bait they’ll be given the option to use more or we will feed it ourselves. This will involve using the boat to spread pellet over the entire lake.

No discussing rules with Tasha. 

Because we have changed so much this season Tasha is concerned that the season will be ruined for her,  she is worried that she’ll need to justify week in week out why we have made these changes.

Basically there is nothing to discuss. The changes made are for the benefit of our fish and fishery.

If you want to bring something up do so with me when I check your tackle before fishing.


We expect everyone to be respectful and use common sense when fishing Echo pool, excessive drinking, leaving rod’s unattended for example will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

We reserve the right to change rules at any time without prior notice.



When we see our fish looking like this it physically makes us feel sick. There is no excuse for this type of damage. 

This tear has happened between captures so someone has hooked the fish and then managed to rip the hook from its mouth missing the chance to land a 65 and ruining it at the same time.


(More info here)

Personal point...


We have invested time, money, blood, sweat and tears, basically our lives and sanity in Echo pool.

It has taken 10 years to become what it is and I will do whatever it takes to protect our investment.

We’ve had our fair share of disrespectful idiots over the years, but no more!

If you’re the type of person that is happy to bend or break rules then don’t bother comming.

We are aware of all the costs involved with fishing our lake, ferry tickets, tolls, fuel, bait and of course the cost of the lake. However, believe me when I say that I have no problem throwing you off, even on the your first day if you do anything to upset Tasha or myself. 

I’m also prepared to take any action necessary to remove you from my property…

Tasha and I are really nice people and want all of our customer to have a great time at Echo pool, we will do all we can to insure this happens, all we ask in return is that you respect us, our fish and property. 


Carp fishing in France with big commons