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Echo Pool Carp Fishing France

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 A brief history of Echo pool the best small water carp fishing in France

We purchased Les Vignes now known as Echo pool back in 2004. It had been built back in the 1960’s by a passionate Frenchman as a small fish farm and a holiday location for his family.


We had looked at many lakes but none of them ticked all the boxes. However the moment I saw Echo pool I fell in love with it. I signed the paperwork then and there without Tasha even seeing it, I also paid well over the odds at the time, but as they say “you get what you pay for”


We had already moved out to France and where living up near Le Mans, our initial plan had been to buy and sell houses, it had never entered our minds that we’d start a carp fishery in France.

To be honest, what I knew about running a carp fishery could have been written on a postage stamp. I had been a very passionate sea fisherman all my life but had no interest in freshwater fishing apart from the occasional day out with my ex business partner fly fishing for trout.


Once the decision had been made to try and open a carp fishery I put my heart and soul into learning everything I could about the industry. I’d had several other businesses since leaving school, all of which had been successful, I didn’t see why this one would be any different.

I now believe coming into the carp fishing industry with a completely fresh perspective is one of the reasons we succeeded. We had no preconceived ideas or expectations, we took advice from several sources, spent hours, days, months even years using Google and still do. Mark Beldom previous owner of Freedom Lakes and Dave Lidstone owner of Emperor lakes were also inspirational in some of the decisions we made, Mark in the early years and Dave still to this day. 


Tasha and I are both crazy about nature and true animal lovers and the main driving force behind Echo pool was the welfare of our fish. I also wanted a lake where you never knew what you might catch. By this time I’d done a lot of research and had noticed that some lakes removed there smaller carp every couple of years. This didn’t sit right with me, for one thing it wasn’t natural and the other was that the anglers would have a rough idea what they were going to catch.

I wanted a more natural fishing situation where every time your buzzer sounded you’d have no idea what was on the other end of your line.


As it turns out this is exactly what we have created, but in our wildest dreams we didn’t expect to have carp from low heavily scaled doubles to commons in excess of 80lbs.


It had also been our intension right back at the beginning to become an invitation only water and finally in 2014 we succeeded.


We are now fairly well known in the carp fishing industry, we’ve had several articles written about us, one of our carp has made the front cover of Carpworld and Simon Crow has written a chapter in his latest book about the capture of his PB at Echo pool. (Colin the common at 83lb)

I’d like to thank both our families for all their support and a massive thanks to Craig Boulter without whom we’d probably be back in the UK now.

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