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Echo pool contains some of the most pristine large carp in France. We have always been strict on our rules and have no doubt this is the reason we own some of the best carp in France.

We have 30 year experience between us, all rules have been very carefully considered and scrutinized and have also changed as the fishery has evolved.

Obviously the main purpose is to protect our fish and livelihood but at the same time help our customers land a potential fish of a lifetime, when you have a 70lb+ carp under your rod tip you need a good hook hold and your setup to be as forgiving as possible.



Let me be very clear! 

Anyone one found breaking rules will be leaving without refund.


Please make sure you and other members of your group know and understand all rules so this doesn’t happen.

Strictly no admittance before 13:00hrs. Swim must be vacated by 10:00hrs

If your fishing Echo pool for the first time please arrive as close to 13:00hrs as possible, this gives you time to set up but more importantly us time to explain how to handle our fish.

Fishing restricted to swim areas only. 

We highly recommend the use of bait boats. 

Maximum of 3 anglers. 

No more than 3 rods per angler.



We supply all equipment for landing fish and dealing with them in the water.

No nets, slings or mats to be brought on-site.

You may want to bring waders which we will disinfect on arrival.

All mouth and body wounds must be treated, call us round for any serious damage

Only fresh freezer boilies to be used and must be in original packaging.

We have banned bait from some companies you must contact us regarding the bait you wish to use.

If you turn up with a banned bait you won't be allowed to use it.


Apart from glug's and dips no other type of bait to be brought on site, we sell the highest quality pellet and high quality particle mix.

Absolutely no artificial baits to be used

This includes cork balls and bait stops with large heads designed to look like corn etc.


No lead weights of any description to be used. 

There are several lead alternatives now on the market and we sell steel weights onsite.

Weights must be set to release with ease if snagged.

Main line must be monofilament with a maximum breaking strain of 12lb and a sensible amount of stretch.

This can be increased to 16lb if using 2.5lb soft test curve rods or lower. 

No fluorocarbon or braid.

If unsure bring Diawa Sensor. Your line will be checked along with your setup before you fish.

Main line must be covered with 1 meter of rig tubing. NO LEADERS of any description.


Hooks MUST be as follows.

Standard wide gape BARBLESS with a beaked point and in-turned eye.


Atomic Claw

Korda wide gape B

Nash fang uni

Avid WGP

Gardner wide gape talon tip

Most companies sell this pattern.

Hook must be tied directly to hook link material.  NO Ronnie or 360 rigs etc 

No Magic Twig


Hook link material.

Un-coated braid. Must be soft and fish friendly (we will check its suitability before fishing)

Fluorocarbon Kryston incognito 13lb ONLY you can also use your mono mainline. 

Maximum length of 6 inch’s.

Coated braid. Angler’s choice. Maximum of 5mm to be stripped from coating unless internal braid is extremely soft and fish friendly.

If you wish to use 2 different hook link materials they must be joined with an Albright knot.

No swivels, rings, etc between hook and mainline swivel.

Weight clips (Lead clips) must be standard plastic type that secure the swivel. Rubber must be set so if snagged weight can release with ease. 

In-line drop off must be set to release with ease if snagged.

If using quick clips they MUST be covered with silicon tube.

You may use hook link sinkers, tungsten putty, heat shrink or standard line aligners.

NO running, chod, zig or surface rigs.

No captive back leads or flying back leads, clip on back weights (back leads) can be used but must be non-toxic.

We sell these on-site.

Report all tackle losses without fail

Every angler losses tackle at some point, if we are told about it we stand a chance of retrieving it straight away or during change over. Unreported tackle losses nearly always turn up the following week. If we find un-reported tackle and can identify it, we normally can, you will be banned.

Please use a sensible amount of bait.

Depending on time of year and weather conditions the lake requires at least 10kg per 24hrs. If you break this down over 6 rods being redone every 12 hours that’s less than 1 kg per rod.

Please remember its not just the carp eating your bait, also consider how quickly a couple of big carp can hoover up your freebies and move on....

We expect everyone to be respectful and use common sense when fishing Echo pool, excessive drinking, leaving rod’s unattended for example will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

We reserve the right to change rules at any time without prior notice.

All deposits are non refundable.

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