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Echo Pool Inspired Carp
Custom built aluminium bait boats

This is hopefully the start of a new venture which will run alongside Echo pool carp fishery in France. 

I'm actually a fully qualified engineer specializing in R&D and mechanical systems. I'm always coming up with new ideas and improvements for existing carp fishing tackle but have never done anything about it. When I say carp fishing tackle I'm talking about the larger items like carp weigh slings, landing mats, rod pods, bite indicators and my first project bait boats. 

For the last few years I've been using a modified off the shelf bait boat bought out here in France. It's modified because in my opinion there's nothing on the market when it comes to bait boats that ticks all the boxes, each boat has it's advantages but at the same time there's always something not quite right. 


My aim is to build the BEST BAIT BOAT FOR FRANCE well in fact the best bait boat full stop. Owning a lake in France has meant that I've probably seen 99% of bait boats. 


This winter (2016/2017) when I can't work on the lake due to the weather I'll be developing and building what I believe will be the best bait boat available. 


Without giving to much away at this point the EPIC bait boat will have the following features making it the best bait boat available here in France. 


For a start it will be completely handmade from TIG welded marine grade aluminum, there are many advantages to this especially the fact that I'll be able to custom build bait boats to exact specifications required by the angler. 


It will be designed so all the internal parts can be accessed through water tight covers, most other bait boats have to be sent back to manufacturer if a problem occurs because they are sealed units. 


All the electronics used in the EPIC bait boat will be standard off the shelf items available in any decent model shop. This will mean that if a problem should arise with the bait boat anyone with a little knowledge will be able to access the internals and replace the faulty part. No cheap Chinese circuit boards will be used everything will be operated by old school servo's, micro switch's etc. 

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