Exclusive carp lake and onsite facilities

Exclusive carp lakes in France

The Carp Lake


The carp lake is 2.5 acres stream and spring fed with a good turnover of water with depths ranging from 4 to 12 feet.

Apart from the sides of the swim all the margins are at least 4 feet deep with some being as deep as 8 feet.

There are numerous underwater features for you to find and fish to, there is no point describing them because they are constantly changing as and when the carp decide to exploit a natural food larder.

The lake has one massive swim making your carp fishing holiday a much more social break as you can all bivvy up together but still have plenty of room, all areas of our lake can easily be fished from the swim.

The swim is completely surrounded by logs and covered in granite chip making it much cleaner than bark.


We strongly suggest that you use a rod pod rather than bank sticks because the swim is very hard.

The swim also has a shelter with table and chairs and a double 240 volt English socket, it should however be noted that the power to this socket comes from our generator so is only on for a few hours in the morning and evening. It’s ideal for charging bait boats, lap tops and phones but is not capable of running anything of a higher wattage. 

There is a small cabin just down from the swim containing a composting toilet and hot shower. It’s a fairly high powered shower so does use a fair bit of water, because its running off our well we need you to be economical with its use.

Below are some photos from in and around the carp lake

scene 02_edited.jpg