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Clearly there was something special about Echo or it wouldn‘t contain such big fish for its small acreage. In fact, other than the legendary Redmire Pool, I can’t think of a lake in the history of carp fishing which has produced such colossal carp for such a small volume of water.

'Simon Crow'

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We seriously believe that we have the best stock of big carp per acre in France

The saying “Good things come in small packages” has never been so accurate.

Echo Pool is an exclusive carp fishing lake in France with one of the best stocks of big carp per acre your ever likely to come across.

The main fishing lake at Echo pool

At the time of writing this (2020) we have at least three catch-able 70's possibly four but we haven't seen that one in a couple of years.

There are definitely a couple of other really big carp which either haven't been caught for years or have never seen the bank.

Because the lake is small and we have access all the way around we do often see them.

With regards to fish over 50lb+ this has become tricky to calculate in more recent years.

The lake was stocked around 15 years ago so we are now losing a few of the bigger fish, on the other hand though younger fish are pushing their way through and taking their place.

The lake seems happy to sustain around 15 carp between 50 and 78lb+ at any one time. 

The big fish page

Sadly in 2017 we lost our biggest and most famous carp "Colin" the common, in 2016 he was caught at a massive 87lb 8oz.

We do have another massive common known as "Double D" but this fish hasn't been caught since 2014, it came out at 73lb and "Colin" was also caught that week at 70lb.


We offer fishing to experienced anglers looking for a new challenge! Don’t think that because we have a small lake crawling with big carp that they are easy to find or tempt in to picking up your hookbait. Every year they are getting harder and harder to catch "Double D" being a prime example. At the same time though new fish which grew up in the lake are now being caught, a couple of these are expected to break the 50 barrier in 2018.

The lake also contains plenty of 20's, 30's and 40's several of which are stunning heavily scaled fish pictures can be found on

The other fish page


It’s hard to describe the fishing situation we have created at Echo Pool, as far as we are aware, we are kind of unique.

From day one we wanted to create something different. The idea was to have a small water with the challenge and rewards offered by some of the best lakes out here in France.


If big carp fishing in France is your passion and you have a good understanding of what is needed in the pursuit of big carp, if you’re looking for a rewarding exclusive French carp fishing venue set in the most idyllic location for yourself and a couple of friends then your search is over.


Some of our competitors or even anglers might wrongly describe us as a muddy puddle over stocked with big carp but this couldn’t be further from the truth.


The lake was man-made around 60 years ago so is now a very natural looking mature French water with tree lined margins, depths of up to 12 feet with a good constant water flow.


We didn’t stock the lake with big carp, most of the carp stocked were doubles and low 20’s, in 2007 our biggest fish was just 33lbs. We have done no further stockings, our carp have grown to the sizes they have because we have created the right situation for this to be possible.




At Echo Pool carp fishing in France nothing is more important to us than the well being of our carp, we are looking to share what we have created with like-minded anglers who believe the welfare of the carp outweighs everything else.

If you are the type of customer we are looking for we will do everything we can to cater for you, if you require a service not mentioned on this web site then please email us to see if we can help.


                                                  Fully licensed and insured.

Siret No. 511 980 369 00017  








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